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Photo Challenge – Nighttime

Toronto skyline looking Looking west from the East Beach.

The Bear

The Bear #BC #freshpost


I begrudgingly agreed to go to the Thornton Creek Hatchery to look for bears. I didn’t want to go. I have pretty serious phobia when it comes to bears. But my mates were stoked and they convinced me this was a good idea and an awesome photo op.

fish guy Thornton Creek Hatchery

We arrived to find the “fish guy” in a state of some distress. He was in the river in his rubber boots and he was concerned about the low water levels.


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Cyd Charisse

hufubleh said: Why is it when you sign books its an autograph but when I do its destruction of property?


That’s a really hard one, and may need a lot of explaining. Let’s start at the beginning: When a person loves another person they give each other a very special kind of hug, and some months later they might well have a baby. This baby will either grow up to a) write books or b) not write books. In the former case, if the baby (now grown up) signs the book she or he has written it is considered a gesture of connection between the author and the reader. In the latter case, if the not-an-author signs a book written by someone else, it is regarded as an act of defacement.

Of course, sometimes things turn upside down. Joe Orton went to prison for defacing library books and THEN became a famous playwright, so the library books he defaced were, it was then realised, rare art and they eventually went onto display in the library that had originally reported him to the police. So these things change.

I hope this clarifies the matter.

Via Neil Gaiman

Bye bye Nanaimo.

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